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How To Volunteer Abroad

How To Volunteer Abroad
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  Volunteering abroad or studying abroad can be an experience of a lifetime.  Not only do you have the ability to provide positive benefits to the host community, but you can develop your professional and personal skills.  In fact, there are many advantages to volunteering abroad.  Unfortunately, “shock stickers” can discourage some from even going in the first place.  The cost of service abroad seems very prohibitive.

  Volunteering includes short-term projects designed to benefit volunteers, rather than serve the community.  Play with children in an orphanage, or teach English in vulnerable communities.  Volunteering can undermine dignity, create dependencies, and nurture patriarchy, which ultimately creates more harm than good.

  Volunteering offers many benefits not only to volunteers, but also to communities around the world.  However, with the emergence of commercial “volunteerism”, the principles of volunteerism can be lost and may fundamentally do more harm than good.  Despite the devastating effects this type of project can have on local communities, there are also disadvantages for volunteers.  One of these costs is the cost of the trip, with prices extending up to £ 9,000.  However, there are a number of other low-cost, or even free, options for potential volunteers abroad.  We’re here to help you volunteer abroad for free and we’ve created a list of these options below to make it easy for you!

  When you think about volunteering abroad, you might only consider the program because volunteer organizations charge fees that mostly cover your room and food.  Unfortunately, in most cases, the program fee will not cover all the expenses involved in your opportunity abroad.  You still need to arrange additional funds for travel tickets, insurance, vaccination, visa and other personal expenses.

  Program fee are the fees that voluntary organizations charge to join a voluntary program.  Program fees mostly cover room, dining, airport reception, insurance, and other minor expenses.  The amount you pay for the program fee varies by volunteer organization, length of stay, the volunteer project you are joining, and the country you choose, etc.  It can cost anywhere from $ 200 to $ 3,000 for two weeks.

  Your program fee is likely not to cover airline tickets.  The cost of flying is a major cost and depends on many factors such as the destination you are traveling to, the season, airlines, and reservation history. Some of the volunteer companies that charge higher fees are more likely to cover your insurance as part of the program fee.  However, most companies that charge less for the program do not cover travel insurance for the remainder of your stay.  Depending on the level of coverage, the insurance company may cost you between 2 and 5 dollars a day.

   Most international voluntary organizations run volunteer programs through a tourist visa.  Program fees may not cover the visa price.  The cost of the visa depends on your stay in the country and where you will travel.  You can generally expect anywhere between $ 1 and $ 5 a day to get a visa.

   Most voluntary organizations provide airport transportation.  However, you will still need to pay the airport departure costs and other daily costs such as moving to your volunteer project.

  Volunteering abroad is a serious commitment.  Unlike other forms of traveling abroad, volunteer work puts you directly in the lives of people from other countries, cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles.  You are a guest in their house, and because of that, you want to be the best volunteer you can be!  From the program you choose to move forward, to your business ethics, to your relationships with your new neighbors, we are here to offer you the perfect recipe for the best way to volunteer abroad.

How To Volunteer Abroad

  If you narrow down the type of volunteer you want to do, there may still be many options for the site.  When trying to make a decision, keep in mind the potential countries that you can volunteer in.  What new cultures or languages ​​are you interested in?  why?  Are there other opportunities available to you in a specific destination outside of volunteering, such as tourist activities or opportunities to engage deeply in the local community?  Is this something you care about?

  In some countries, you may also want to consider safety precautions.  Does your government’s foreign affairs office provide a list of travel warnings for its citizens in certain locations?  If the country you are considering has travel advisories, this does not mean that you cannot travel there.  It depends on the circumstances and perhaps the exact travel area.  Just do a research before you go and think about your comfort levels.

  When it comes to organizations that arrange volunteer placements, the options can be confusing.  You’re really trying to decide where to go or what to do, and now you have to think about what kind of organization you’re going to go with as well?  Yes, and this is something to think about.  Should you go through a commercial organization or a non-profit organization?  Does the project come on top of your list through a charity, or is it a profitable business that turns into a charity?  How do you know the difference even?

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